10 Things to do Immediately Following an Accident

10 Things to do Immediately Following an Accident

There are millions of car accidents every year and while only 20% of car accidents lead to fatal injuries, there is still physical and financial risk involved if certain actions aren’t taken immediately following the car accident.

The following is a list of immediate actions to be taken should you find yourself in an accident:


  • Stop and Park your Vehicle if Possible.


You can be held legally and financially responsible should you flee the scene of an accident. So the very first action that you should take is to stop and park your vehicle.


  • Signal to Other Drivers that there’s been an Accident


If you keep flares handy, now is the time to use them. Setting up flares is the ideal way to signal to other drivers that there’s been an accident if it’s dark. If you don’t keep flares handy, you can signal to other drivers that you’ve been in an accident by turning on your hazards or, worst case scenario, by setting up a flashlight or two.


  • Call the Police


Regardless of whether or not there’s been any physical harm involved in the accident, it’s important to call the police. Most insurance companies will require a police report in order to allow you to file a damage claim.


  • Be Sure to Give an Accurate Report to the Police Officer


It’s imperative that you give the police accurate information in your report. It’s okay to say that you’re not sure if you can’t recall a specific piece of information. If you aren’t sure if you’ve been injured in an accident, then make sure to express that rather than saying no. You’ll also want to make sure that the other party involved in the accident is giving accurate information to police officers.


  • Take Photos


You want to document, for yourself, the scene of the accident. You’ll want to take pictures of damage to vehicles following the accident and you’ll also want to take pictures of any injuries that were sustained following the accident.


  • Exchange Pertinent Information


It’s important to obtain the information of all of the people involved in the accident including drivers as well as passengers. The information that you should look to obtain includes names, phone numbers and insurance information.


  • Notify your Insurance Company


Most insurance companies require you to report accidents immediately in order to submit a damage claim. If you were injured in the accident and you have medpay, you’ll need to send your medical bills to the insurance company.


  • Seek Medical Attention


Even if you don’t feel like you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s still important to see a doctor. Sometimes physical damages caused by an accident are not immediately apparent. These injuries could include head trauma that, if left untreated, can cause serious complications later on.


  • Organize all of your Records


You want to make sure that you keep all of the information and evidence that you’ve gathered organized in a specific file. You may need those documents for an insurance claim or for a legal dispute down the line.


  • Contact your Attorney


It’s important to notify your attorney that you’ve been in an accident so that your attorney can make you aware of your rights and help protect valuable evidence from being destroyed. Your attorney can also offer legal advice to protect you legally following an accident.

Should you find yourself in an accident you need to make sure that you follow each of these steps that I’ve outlined. Regardless of whether or not there were any injuries involved in the accident or whether or not there appears to be any physical damage to either vehicle, following these steps will protect you immediately and into the future.


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