Which Insurance Covers Your Roof?

A house is a major investment for most people as a great deal of time and money is spent on making it into a home. However, houses and other properties can also be destroyed in a matter of minutes by disastrous weather events or unfortunate accidents. This is where insurance comes into play.  Homeowner insurance could be very helpful in any of these situations as it covers most of the damages. However, when this damage is on the roof, there are some conditions that homeowners need to take into account to know if the damage is covered by the insurance or not.

What is roofing insurance?

Roofing insurance is a component of homeowners insurance. It is the insurance that accounts for those instances where major restoration or complete replacement is to be done on the roof after it has been damaged. This insurance covers roof damages caused by “acts of God” or harsh weather like tornadoes and hurricanes; conditions outside the homeowner’s control like vandalism or a fire outbreak; as well as other damages that had been caused by typical weather occurrence or other unavoidable events like wind, hail and rain.  However, in cases where the roof damage stems from an unnecessary or avoidable event, the roof insurance might not cover the damage.

Instances when roof damage isn’t covered by homeowners insurance

Here are some instances where your roof damage wouldn’t be covered by your homeowners insurance.

  • Roofs that are over 20 years old. These roofs are considered to be way past their life expectancy, and insurance companies may reimburse only a fraction of the repair/replacement costs, or they may not cover any cost at all.
  • Roofs that are improperly maintained or neglected.
  • Roofs that are constructed from costly roofing materials like recycled shake shingles or slate.
  • Roofs built with roofing materials of more than two layers.
  • The geographic location of the house (not in all cases)

When you may need to replace your roof

The National Roofing Contractors Association has urged homeowners to perform routine roof inspections at least biannually and regularly after a major weather occurrence. Some of the signs to look out for that may signal when damage is imminent are:

  • Weakened or missing shingles.
  • Overflowing or loaded gutters, and the presence of granules in roof shingles.
  • Cracked paints, peeling wallpaper, attic insulation becoming damp, or discolored
  • Clogged roof ventilation which could cause shingles to buckle and make insulation become weakened.

Filling a roof insurance claim

In cases where there is roof damage, homeowners can file for a roof insurance claim by contacting their insurance company to have them inspect the roof for proof of damage. After which an estimate will be provided.

Homeowners can make this process a lot easier and quicker by providing as many documents and evidence of the home insurance policy, repair work receipts, previous home inspection reports and photo of damages before-and-after repairs.

The wholeness and safety of every house is dependent on the strength of its roof. And trivial roof damage if left unchecked can culminate into major issues that will cost time and money to fix. All homeowners are advised to take the necessary steps and precautions to make them eligible to file for a roofing insurance claim in cases of unavoidable roof damages.


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